D’Oliveria Madeira Event

We are pleased to offer an amazing selection of D’Oliveira Madeiras via The Rare Wine Co. Here is a synopsis of the winery from their website:

“D’Oliveira is one of the greatest of the classic Madeira shippers, and one of the few to survive from the pre-phylloxera era. With origins as far back as 1820, and today housed in cellars that date from 1619, this highly important company is still owned by the same family, who were once highly important growers in the parish of São Martinho.

Its stocks of old wines have grown over time, either through marriage with other wine-producing families, or by the purchase of other old firms. But the foundation for its unparalleled library of ancient vintages was laid more than 150 years ago in the legendary São Martinho vineyards of João Pereira D’Oliveira, the great grandfather of the current managing director, Luis D’Oliveira.

João Pereira was particularly well known for his Verdelhos, building on São Martinho’s reputation for this noble grape. The village’s Verdelhos have long enjoyed a high reputation; in 1896, the New York Madeira merchant Charles Bellows singled out São Martinho Verdelhos from the others on the island for their “wonderful perfume.”

For more information on Madeira check out the great information provided by The Wine Folly Website. They do a wonderful job explaining Madeira and the different styles as they relate to grapes being used.

Once you have finished reading, place your order with us by Monday, February 14th. All orders will be confirmed on February 15th and the wines will arrive late March/early April.